What Services Do We Offer?

Basic Package $500

Includes a two hour initial consultation and written report, plus three  follow-up visits.  Follow up visits are generally conducted remotely. In-person follow-ups may be recommended on a case-by-case basis (travel fees will apply outside of our core service area).

Support Package $600

Includes a two hour initial consultation and written report, plus six hours of structured email, telephone, and video support. 

Single Visit Consultation $300

Recommended for some behavior issues, behavior evaluations requested by your veterinarian, and dangerous dog assessments for court cases. 

Includes a two-hour consultation, a written report and treatment plan, and two months of limited email and telephone support.  

Additional Follow-up Visits $90 each

For assessing progress and personalized coaching to implement your pet's treatment plan.

One hour in person or video remote session, following an initial consultation.

The number of recommended follow-up supporting consultations will vary from case to case.

Travel fees will apply outside of our core service area. 

What Behavior Issues Can We Help With?


Fear and anxiety
Separation anxiety
Leash reactivity
Impulse control
Property destruction
​Compulsive behavior
​Inter-cat aggression
House soiling
​Litterbox problems 

New Client History Form

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